Product Care

Product Care Instructions:

Cleaning Instructions: If you bag is of a lighter colour you will need to be extra careful when it comes to stains, please ensure you clean your stains as soon as you notice them with a damp cloth please don’t rub only blot to ensure the fabric keeps its pristine condition, alternatively you can pop your bag in the washing machine using cold water and on a delicate cycle using delicate detergent,  let your bag drip dry in the shade and your bag will be just like brand new.

Care: As we all know we like our bags to be durable and to stand upto our active lifestyles that we all lead today, rest assured your Neo the Label bag will do this with a little TLC. Please ensure you aren’t too rough on the press studs as you want them to last just as long as your bag does. A bit of support will ensure they stay in tacked.

 Reshaping: If you bag arrives slightly out of shape please don’t be concerned hang your bag for a couple of days and in no time at all it will be back to it’s perky shape and ready for use.

Lastly please don’t drag your bag along rough surfaces this will cause the fabric to piling so please treat your bag with a little TLC.